Mecha CMS

Add extra functionality to the core engine.


Table of Contents
  1. Usage 
  2. Parameter 

Add RSS and JSON feed features.

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  • Normal view → ./path/to/page
  • JSON view → ./path/to/page/feed.json
  • RSS view → ./path/to/page/feed.xml


Some URL parameters are available to manipulate the feed results, so that you can allow third party applications to fetch your data:

  • chunk → Determine how many pages to show per request. Default is 25.
  • deep → Determine how many folder path to recurse. Default is 0.
  • fire → JavaScript callback function name that bounds to the window object.
  • i → Current page offset. Default is 1.
  • q → Determine the search query to filter the feed results.
  • sort → Default is [-1,"time"] to sort pages descending by the time data.

Example API usage:

function render(json) {
<script src=";fire=render"></script>