Contribute financially to keep the project domain and website accessible to everyone. The website provides complete documentation and latest information regarding the software and future development plans. Some parts of the website also serve to provide a clean and efficient project file download feature which is obtained by managing responses from the GitHub API.

Donors who meet the criteria are invited to join the private repository. Through this repository, you can monitor progress and contribute to the source code of the official web site so that it can be useful for everyone.

You are eligible to join this repository when you meet the following criteria:

  1. You have an active GitHub user account.
  2. You have read and understood about the philosophy of Free Softwares.
  3. You have given funds to one of the Mecha’s projects for at least 50 USD.
  4. You are willing to join as a member of this repository.
# Name Amount
1 Mas Sugeng hidden
2 Евгени Мустафи hidden
3 Ross Newton hidden
4 Alexander Liebrecht hidden
5 Li Zhongwen hidden
6 Alfrangki Ibrahim hidden

I have hidden the donor’s link and donation amount from previous people for privacy. In the future, I hope there will be a mechanism to allow donors to fill out a form in which there are options to allow me to display the name, the link, and the donation amount according to the relevant donors permission. I will update the list when I have a proper privacy system. Don’t worry, your donation history is still with me.

Ask for help via the discussion feature on GitHub. You can also ask for help through some of these alternative forums, however they tend to be neglected and can disappear at any time.


Use the issue feature on GitHub only to report issues. If you have already published a post that has no relation to issues, either because you forgot or didn’t understand about what the issue is, then I will probably move your post to the discussion room and continue answering there, or will simply close your issue because it is no longer relevant to community standards. Please don’t take it personally. You can try again another time.