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Contrast is a simple blog theme with a nice clean design.

Download Version 1.1.2 Download Development Version

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Contrast (Light Mode)


This theme is based on a Jekyll theme with the same name.


Custom settings are available in .\lot\layout\state.php file.

  • To hide the site title, set the layout.title-show state value to false.
  • To hide the site navigation, set the layout.nav-show state value to false.
  • To hide the site icons, set the layout.icons-show state value to false.
  • To force dark mode by default, set the layout.dark state value to true (applies only to web browsers that does not have support dark mode feature).
  • Limit the maximum links displayed in site navigation by setting the layout.nav-show state value as numbers to describe the limit.
  • Add custom link icons in the layout.icons state.
  • There are two custom available: contrast and minimal.


You can also embed a lot of stuff, for example from YouTube. To scale the video to full width use the <div class="embed"></div> wrapper around the iframe. Use <div class="large"></div> wrapper to increase the width of an image or iframe.