Blogger: Minima

Minima (classic Blogger template), ported to Mecha.

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  • Author Taufik Nurrohman
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  • Version 1.0.6

This is not a clone of the original Minima template. I didn’t make it from the original source code, but by refactoring it using more modern CSS and HTML syntax.


Other color variants of this template have been combined into one. You can enable other color variants via .\lot\y\blogger-minima\state.php file:


return [
    'banner' => null,
    'color' => [
        'description' => '#cccccc',
        'title' => '#ffffff'
    'skin' => ['name' => 'white']

The default color variant is white. There are several other color variants you can try, including black, blue, and ochre. These are the official color variants provided by the designer of this template in the past. The brick ones were made by me.

You can add an image URL to the banner property to set a background image of the header. The image will automatically resize to fit its container.


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