Mecha CMS

Add extra functionality to the core engine.


Table of Contents
  1. Usage 

GUI extension for Mecha.

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v2.8.1206 Downloads
v2.8.087 Downloads
v2.7.2149 Downloads
v2.7.0100 Downloads
v2.6.0174 Downloads
v2.5.2119 Downloads
v2.5.0101 Downloads
v2.4.3134 Downloads
v2.4.2112 Downloads
v2.4.1108 Downloads
v2.4.0119 Downloads
v2.3.2102 Downloads
v2.3.199 Downloads
v2.3.0105 Downloads
v2.2.1125 Downloads
v2.2.0112 Downloads
v2.1.697 Downloads
v2.1.5134 Downloads
v2.1.498 Downloads
v2.1.396 Downloads
v2.1.299 Downloads
v1.0.1183 Downloads

To activate the control panel feature, you will need to install the user extension as the generic log-in/out system.


  • Make sure you have uploaded the required extensions.
  • Upload the panel folder to .\lot\x folder.
  • Now visit your site! You should be redirected to create a new user.