Control panel feature.

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  • Author Taufik Nurrohman
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  • Version 3.0.0

You must install the Alert and User extension to enable this control panel feature.

This is the official control panel extension. It was designed with a very simple look, but underneath it has a lot of potential for expansion. The initial design consisted of a single column interface that would generally only present you with either a file list view or a file editor view.

This control panel is intentionally designed to be displayed on devices with medium screen sizes, such as tablets. I assume that people are most likely to be inspired to write when they are on vacation. It’s easier to carry around a compact device like a tablet (usually with a detachable keyboard). Using a tablet also eliminates the need for the author to turn the device on and off, which takes time. People usually lose their ideas if they don’t write them down right away.


Skin feature can be enabled by installing the Panel Skin extension. You can then apply the control panel skin you want. They are usually available as separate extensions. Some commercial layouts may also provide their own control panel skin. Below are some control panel skins that you can apply:

Once installed, the skin option should be available on the control panel settings page for you to enable.


Alexander Liebrecht

Oh, this panel will still enable you and you just develop it. Have I understood it correctly?

I’m looking forward to it.

Taufik Nurrohman

I know that not everyone understands about coding, and therefore I am very concerned with the completion of this extension. And at the same time I am also very concerned with the machine size, therefore I make this extension separated from the core. I will not be able to release version 2.0.0 unless this extension is completed.


When the extension will be complete?

Taufik Nurrohman

As quick as I can. Though, this extension is already usable for testing.


Hi! After copying the panel to a .\lot\x folder, nothing happens. Does not redirect to user creation page.
What could be wrong?

Taufik Nurrohman

Please install the user extension first. This extension is required to enable the generic log-in/out system.

PS: This page should display the list of extensions needed, I’m still working on it.


Kalo dah install user & panel, masuk panelnya gimana bang?

Keluar, terus masuk lagi. Nanti kamu bakal dibawa ke halaman panel kontrol.

Alexander Liebrecht

Hi Taufik, which login-url is to the panel? /panel not worked. Thanks!

Panel is now depends on user. So the log-in link normally would be /user. But you can always customize it.

Alexander Liebrecht

OK, and which URL is for changes on the page(Title, Description, Text). I cannot find this under /user.

Have you installed the panel? If you have logged in before, try to log out and then log in again. Changing the site title and description can be done via menu Site › State

Or, you can also change it manually by editing the .\state.php file.

Alexander Liebrecht

Oha, I have wrong installed the panel extension and now this worked fine. Thanks!