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PHP Page

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  1. Usage 

Evaluate PHP syntax within the page content.

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This extension is not to be used on a site with multiple users. Other users may use this feature to execute malicious functions to break your system.

If you don’t like the block evaluation method, you can use this extension to evaluate PHP expressions in the page file. It’s just that, you need to write the page content as raw HTML code, so you can’t combine this extension feature with markdown extension and the like (unless you are fine with implementing the parser in the PHP code).


In your page header, add type property with value set to PHP or application/php:

title: Page Title
description: Page description.
author: Taufik Nurrohman
type: PHP

<p>This is a <strong>bold</strong> text.</p>
<p>Today is <?= $date->en; ?>.</p>

// Declare some PHP expressions here…

echo 'Yo!';

<p>Other HTML code goes here.</p>

This extension is suitable to be combined with route extension.