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Split your page content into different web pages by inserting <!-- next --> comment as the intersection marker. This extension is useful for those who want to create a step-by-step guide, or a gallery that contains multiple images, so that reader don’t have to load all the images at once.


title: How To Move On Without Him/Her
description: We all have trouble getting over someone.
type: Markdown

Whether it be a bad break up, a friend leaving you for another social group or a break up you broke off, remember it’s not unachievable to feel happy after.

<!-- next -->

### Realize they’re gone and that they’re not coming back.

It’s over, it’s done, no matter how much you dream about it or try to fix it, it won’t happen. This is bluntly said, but they’re not thinking about you half as much as you are about them. Don’t waste your perfectly good time.

<!-- next -->

### Find someone to confide in.

Find someone that knows or someone you can tell about your situation. It’s better to have someone know about what you’re going through rather then bottling it up, otherwise every memory you’ve had on them is only gonna build up. If you let someone know it definitely takes a lot of the baggage off.

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### Surround yourself with friends and family.

When you’re around people that care about you, not only does it take your mind off of the situation, but it helps you realize that there **are** people in your life that will stay with you and will love you unconditionally.

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