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Add extra functionality to the core engine.


Table of Contents
  1. Usage 
  2. Art Direction 

Convert LESS syntax into CSS syntax.

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This extension compiles LESS code into CSS code by looking for files with extension .less added through the Asset::set() method, storing the compiled results as static files and then displays them as CSS files. The compiled file contents will be updated automatically on every file modification changes on the LESS files.

.\path\to\file.less → .\path\to\file.css
.\path\to\less\file.scss → .\path\to\css\file.css



Art Direction 

To enable this feature requires you to install the Art Direction extension. Though, it’s already included by default in the core. Adding file to a page folder will generate file that contains the compiled results of file automatically:

└── lot\
    └── page\
        ├── lorem-ipsum\
        │   ├── ← Automatic :)
        │   └──