Mecha CMS

Add extra functionality to the core engine.


Table of Contents
  1. Installation 
  2. Comment Flags 

Built-in commenting system.

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The comment system will be activated automatically, but you need to manually install the comment area in the layout file. Edit .\lot\layout\page.php file then put this snippet just after the </article> tag:

<?= self::comments(); ?>

Comment Flags 

Set specific comment visibility through page properties. Add a comment property within your page’s state property with one of these values:

0Disable comments.
1Enable comments (default).
2Disable comments, but keep the published comments visible.
falseAlias for 0.
trueAlias for 1.


title: Page Title
description: Page description.
author: Taufik Nurrohman
type: Markdown
  comment: false

Page content.

To set pre-defined comment visibility globally, specify a comment flag on the first array of the layout arguments:

<?= self::comments([2]); ?>