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Archive page generator.

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  • Author Taufik Nurrohman
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  • Version 3.0.0
Table of Contents
  1. Basic Usage
  2. Advance Usage
    1. Sorting
    2. Folder Selection
    3. Nesting Level

Use this extension to display all visible pages in a single page content as a link list.

Basic Usage

Insert this block into the desired page content where you want to display the link list:


Advance Usage


By default, this extension will display the list of pages sorted by title in ascending order. If you add the time attribute with the value of true or a time pattern, then each list item will be completed with the page publication time, and the list order will be based on the page publication time:

[[archive time="true"]]

[[archive time="%Y/%m/%d"]]

Folder Selection

You can also limit the list output by specifying the folder path relative to .\lot\page. This is useful for creating archives by category:

title: Archive
description: Site archives by category.
author: Taufik Nurrohman
type: Markdown

### Articles

[[archive route="/article"]]

### Extensions

[[archive route="/store/extension"]]

Nesting Level

The maximum recursion value is 4 by default, but you can specify a different number. Specifying 0 disables the recursive list feature:

[[archive deep="0"]]


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