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A lower priority extensions.


Archive page generator.

Use this plugin to show all of the visible pages in a single page content as a link list.

Basic Usage 

Put this block in the desired page content you want to display the link list to:


Advance Usage 


By default, this plugin will display a list of pages sorted ascending by its title. If you add date attribute with value true or time pattern, then each list item will be completed with page publication time, and list order will be made based on the page publication time:

[[archive date="true"]]

[[archive date="%Y%/%M%/%D%"]]

Folder Selection 

You can also limit the list output by determining the folder path relative to PAGE. This is useful for creating archive pages by category:

title: Archive
description: Site archive by category.
author: Taufik Nurrohman
type: Markdown

### Articles

[[archive path="article"]]

### Plugins

[[archive path="extension/plugin"]]

Nesting Level 

The maximum recursion value is 5 by default, but you can specify another number. Determining value 1 will deactivate the recursive list feature:

[[archive deep="1"]]