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The available constants.

DSReturn the directory separator.\
ROOTReturn the private root path without the trailing directory separator..\www
DENTReturn the standard indentation characters of HTML page.  
TReturn a tab character.\t
NReturn a new line character.\n
XReturn a placeholder character.
SESSIONReturn the custom session_save_path path..\www\__session
DEBUGEnable or disable debug mode.true
ENGINEReturn the engine folder path..\www\engine
LOTReturn the lot folder path..\www\lot
ASSETReturn the asset folder path..\www\lot\asset
EXTENDReturn the extension folder path..\www\lot\extend
LANGUAGEReturn the language folder path..\www\lot\language
PAGEReturn the page folder path..\www\lot\page
SHIELDReturn the shield folder path..\www\lot\shield
STATEReturn the state folder path..\www\lot\state
PLUGINReturn the plugin folder path..\www\lot\extend\plugin\lot\worker
HTML_WISE_IReturn inline HTML tag names allowed to be written in the page editor.b,code,i,u
HTML_WISE_BReturn block HTML tag names allowed to be written in the page editor.h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p
HTML_WISECombination of HTML_WISE_I and HTML_WISE_Bb,code,i,u,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p
DATE_WISEReturn the standard PHP date format string.Y-m-d H:i:s
AUDIO_XReturn audio file extensions.mp3,ogg,wav
BINARY_XReturn binary file extensions (any files that cannot be edited by text editor applications).mp3,pdf,swf,zip
FONT_XReturn font file extensions.eot,otf,svg,ttf,woff,woff2
IMAGE_XReturn image file extensions.bmp,cur,gif,ico,jpeg,jpg,png,svg
PACKAGE_XReturn package file extensions.gz,iso,rar,tar,zip,zipx
TEXT_XReturn plain text file extensions.css,html,js,log,php,txt,xml
VIDEO_XReturn video file extensions.mkv,mp4,ogv