The world has been filled with social media services that are no longer safe to share personal matters. I want to grow back the interest of future generations to write journals on the internet.

Mecha is a flat-file content management system that carries the concept of minimalism. This content management system ensures that you have complete control over your content. It is suitable for journalists or bloggers who prioritize simplicity and speed in the presentation and transfer of their site data. Not everyone has free time to sit at the table and think about what to write. Mecha is here to make it easier for you to publish ideas by taking advantage of its small size so that it becomes very accessible in all possible situations.

Mecha survives on the principle that a database-less site should be personal, portable, light and easy to be exported and back up. That’s why most of the projects associated with Mecha are created with personal natures and are dedicated to be used for personal purposes such as blogs, journals, and diaries. Mecha’s market shares are people with high creativity and individuals who want to dedicate themselves to the freedom of speech that probably don’t have much time to learn web programming languages. By introducing Mecha as files and folders that used to be seen by people every day on their working desktops, we hope you will soon be familiar with the way Mecha works.

Mecha is as simple as files and folders. Yet, that doesn’t mean that Mecha is weak. Mecha has fairly flexible set of API that you can use without having to make it bloated, keeping you happy focused on developing your own site, according to your personality.

If you want to make something that is super huge with Mecha, that would be possible, but remember that Mecha wasn’t created to replace databases. Mecha was previously created simply to help people getting rid of various resources that are not needed from the start (such as databases). There will be a time when you need a database, and when that time comes, just use a database. Mecha is fairly open to be extended with other database-based applications.