Mecha CMS


General Public License Keeps You Poor

Stop trying to be rich by selling GPL licensed products!

Six Months Have Passed!

Naming things is hard.

On Escaping the Complexities of Internal Linking Automation

Why the placeholder method is no longer ideal for linking automation in page content.

Even Faster Website with HTML5 Prefetch and AJAX

How to make “instant page” effect using native HTML5 and JavaScript features.

Released Version 2.2.0 to Break the Parkinson’s Law

Let’s see what has been changed in version 2.2.0 compared to version 2.0.0.

That Annoying X

I just can’t let this go wild on my mind all days since April 2017.

Standard Generalized Markup Language

Because DOMDocument API isn’t enough for me.

LESS and SCSS Library from the Same Author

About the LESS and SCSS compiler in Mecha.

Mecha’s GitHub API

I’m creating some public GitHub API for our control panel extension.

The Principle of Emptiness

It is the developer’s right to improve the CMS feature.

The Tale of Anemon

The little anemon who likes to eat.

In the Name of PHP 7.1.x

Is starting the process towards PHP 7.1.x for better and shorter syntax.

Task File

Disposable commands.

Strict Conversions

Mecha has some disciplines in phrase writing styles.

About Cookies

Dealing with cookies.

Page Conditional Statement Concept

Making a better page conditional mechanism.

Reinventing the Google Fonts API

Making web fonts loader API like how Google Fonts does.

What’s New in Mecha 2.0.0

Changes in version 2.0.0.

Variable Naming Best Practices

Mecha has some disciplines in naming their variables.

Default Page Data

These page data will have their own default values.