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Version 1.0.3

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.0.3.

  • Create better page filtering methods in Get::pages() and Get::articles().
  • Some error fixes in the older version:
    • Forgot to change page_total_comments_text into total_comments_text.
    • Fix wrong article URL in manager/article.
    • Fix error inline array output from Mecha class.
    • Fix comment files that won’t updated after user changed the article date.
    • Fix wrong asset URL in shortcode manager.
    • Fix double slashes that created in login URL after installation if the CMS is installed in the root directory.
  • Add min and max option in Guardian::math().
  • Do not modify slug value in update mode.
  • Post editor preview system changed from JS Markdown Extra-based into AJAX-based live preview because JS Markdown Extra is not so accurate and has some drawbacks.
  • Installer improvements.
  • Class Package added for handling the ZIP files.
  • Class Image added for doing image manipulation and such.
  • Captcha image added. Class Converter added.
  • Create better URL pattern in manager page.
  • Recent comment and related post widget added as a native widget in Mecha CMS.
  • Get::adjacentFiles() and Get::inclusiveFiles() methods added.
  • The Get::files() behaviour has been changed to be able to search all file path recursively from a folder.
  • User should be able to overrides some plugin manipulation from their functions.php file.
  • Expanding the filter hooks ability. Some filter names removed because of this. Changed into a better, more structured filter names that mostly created automatically from the system.
  • Filter::exist(), Filter::remove(), Weapon::exist() and Weapon::eject() methods added.
  • Add plugin uploader in manager page.
  • Add backup/restore feature and shield uploader/editor in manager page.
  • Add {{php}} shortcode to evaluate PHP code in article/page content.
  • Add more-less button in tag manager page.


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