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How to Update to the Latest Version of Mecha

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

How to update your Mecha CMS safely.

There aren’t any special nor official guide about the way to update your Mecha to its latest version. But let me explain few things to help you to update your Mecha site safely.

Update: Start from version 1.0.3, you will be able to create some backup files from the manager page with the backup/restore feature, and also able to restore them back using the restore forms in the same page.

There are some folders inside the lot and engine folder whose the contents will not change:


  • assets
  • extends
  • plugins
  • posts
  • responses
  • scraps
  • shields 1
  • states


  • log

You can change all of the existing files except the contents inside the folders above. Up to whether you want to update the rest of the folders by reuploading them or by editing each files inside them one by one, or by downloading the static folders I mentioned above, and then delete your entire site to replace it with the latest version of Mecha. Then you can put back the downloaded folders to the previous location.

  1. Except the normal shield folder, the json.php, rss.php, sitemap.php, widgets.css and widgets.js files. 

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