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Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

How to migrate a website that is powered by Mecha CMS.

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Site Migration

Migrating a website that uses Mecha as their content management system is easy, because your website is a file-based website. Just files and folders. Static, without any support of the database. Everything is a file.

To do a website migration, simply select all of your website’s files then choose a command for compressing/packing through the cPanel:

Compressing the Files

Or, you could simply visit the Backup/Restore manager page then press the download button/link on the Site mode.

Done! Your downloaded files are now ready to be uploaded somewhere.

After you upload the downloaded files to the migration place (especially if you want to use a different domain name), you may need to update some of your old shortcode data, especially for all data that associated with the URL.

CMS Update

To update your CMS version, you need to download all of the saved files per folder through the Backup/Restore manager page. Press all of the download button/link except the Site mode. After you have made sure that everything has been downloaded, delete your website (or move it to a temporary folder, just in case). Install a fresh Mecha CMS then go to the Backup/Restore manager page to perform a restore. This is the standard way.

But, there is a case when you feel that moving a file from the old site to the new one is better through the cPanel. Moving an assets folder which contains a lot of media files is exhausting if you do that by downloading then re-uploading. So this is the way to update Mecha through the cPanel.

First, upload a fresh Mecha CMS to a temporary folder, lets say new-site, then install it by visiting

Uploading a New Mecha CMS to the `new-site` Folder

├── engine/
├── lot/
├── .htaccess
├── favicon.ico
├── index.php
└── new-site/ ← place your new site here!
    ├── engine/
    ├── lot/
    ├── .htaccess
    ├── favicon.ico
    ├── index.php
    ├── knock.php
    └── LICENSE

After everything is ready, move all of the saved data inside the lot folder in your old site to the same location in your new site that is placed inside the new-site folder:

// Before

// After

After everything has been moved, you can delete the old site. After that, move your new site from the new-site folder to the root folder. Then delete the new-site folder:

// Before

// After

Some things to consider before deciding to update:

  • Your old plugins may won’t work properly on the new version of Mecha.
  • Also with your custom shields.

Always check the article references about plugins and shields to find out what has been changed.

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