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Mecha is a file-based CMS 1 that is focused on the principle that a static website must be personal, portable, light and easy to be exported and backed up. However, this doesn’t mean that Mecha is powerless. Mecha has a fairly flexible set of API that you can use without having to make it bloated, keeping you happy focused on developing your own website, according to your personality.

Download Mecha v1.2.8 Download Mecha master

System Requirements

Getting Started

  1. Make sure that you already have the required component.
  2. Download Mecha by cloning this GitHub repo.
  3. Upload Mecha through your FTP/SFTP to the public folder/directory in your site 2
  4. Type in the address bar of your web browser. Or, if for some reason you have to upload this CMS in a sub-folder, then just type 3
  5. Put your name, your email, your username and your password in the form provided then click Install.
  6. There will appear a message describes that you are able to log in now. Log in!
  7. Once logged in, you can start configuring the blog by visiting the configuration page.
  8. Post something!

  1. It does not require any database. Almost all files are stored as plain text files which grouped into folders, which you can even edit it manually through a plain text editor application. 

  2. Usually named as public_html, www or htdocs

  3. Seriously, if you really typed domain, then you really are in a big trouble!