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Comment Notify

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Notification of a new comment via email.

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This plugin will notify you by email if there was a new comment added to a page. Open lot\extend\plugin\lot\worker\comment-notify\lot\state\config.php to configure:

    'page' => [
        'title' => 'Mecha <abbr title="Content Management System">CMS</abbr> · New Comment', // email subject
        'email' => '', // your email address
        'content' => '<p>A new comment has been added.</p>' // email message




  • Taufik Nurrohman

    This is my first comment. NO CAPTCHA! HANG ON…

  • Alexander Liebrecht

    Hello @tovic,

    Now I follow the answer in the GitHub issue and test times the comments here. The comment field under each page is already displayed, but I do not see in the backend, where I can comment comments or they go so through.

    • Taufik Nurrohman

      Backend view of the comment extension is still going to be the second priority for now (it is a bit complicated to generate the backend views as this comment feature can be used on any pages, on any folders). To manage comments manually, go to .\lot\comment folder from the cPanel.

  • Oh, I am Phate

    Thank’s for the plug-in. Using it on another project (test). You rock as always.