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Output buffer.

Shield is a term used by Mecha to express theme in other CMS.

Info: This class is located in .\lot\extend\shield\engine\kernel folder.


Shield::$config = [
    // List of alternative file extensions used by the shield files.
    // Shield files with `html` extension are a priority for the best performance.
    // To change the priority order, re-order this file extensions placement.
    'x' = ['html', 'php'],
    // Set the name of the shield folder that you will use globally
    'id' => 'document',
    // Change the first value to `body` to insert the generated
    // page classes to the `<body>` tag instead of `<html>` tag.
    // Second and third values of this configuration item are currently not used
    'union' => ['html', "", ['class' => true]]

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