Mecha CMS

Deep learning on using the API.

Class Anemon

Array workers.

Class Asset

Asset hooks.

Class Cache

Generate static data from a file.

Class Config

Configuration getter and setter.

Class Cookie

Persistent storage using cookies.

Class Date

Working with date and time.

Class Elevator

Navigation item generator.

Class Extend

Working with extensions.

Class File

Working with files and folders.

Class Folder

Working with folders.

Class Form

HTML forms.

Class From

Convert back to X from Y.

Class Genome


Class Get

Data caller.

Class Guardian

Basic security.

Class HTML

HTML markup constructor.

Class HTTP

Working with HTTP headers.

Class Hook

Function hooks.

Class Is


Class Language


Class Lot


Class Mecha

Provides information about the system.

Class Message


Class Page

Working with pages.

Class Path

File/URL path helpers.

Class Plugin

Working with plugins.

Class Request

Working with page requests.

Class Route

Do something if URL path matched with pattern.

Class Session

Persistent storage using sessions.

Class Shield

Shield is a term used by Mecha to express theme in another CMS.

Class State

Get states data.

Class To

Convert from X to Y.

Class URL

Extract current URL data.

Class Union

Universal markup constructor.