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Topic: Paragraph Plugin

Dear Team,
I tried to install both the paragraph plugin and internal link plugin, but both are not working.

I am a newb. Please excuse me if my doubts are silly.

What I did:
I downloaded the paragraph plugin and uploaded to /lot/plugins

Tried posting a sample article which had around 4 paragraphs. But the paragraph is not converted automatically. They appear as one full paragraph.

Where should i place the below codes? Is this required for the paragraph to work?

require '../workers/converter.paragraph.php';
$parser = new Converter\Paragraph();
$parser->ignore = 'pre|code'; // settings ...
echo $parser->run('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.');

The same with internal link plugin. I uploaded the plugin into the /lot/plugins section.

But after that, how do i create the hyperlink in the articles.

Thanks a lot for any help.

best Wishes

Re: Paragraph Plugin

Hi, Sri! Look like you are using Mecha version 1.x.x based on the plugin folder structure. The previous version of internal link plugin uses shortcodes instead of Markdown-link-like syntax. You can download it from here.

{{article.link:foo-bar}}link text{{/article}}

You don’t need to do anything about the code for activating the automatic paragraph plugin. Simply set the content type to HTML in the article editor.

Please don’t use Mecha 2.x.x’s extensions and plugins in Mecha 1.x.x. That will not work.

For Mecha 1.x.x

For Mecha 2.x.x