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Version 1.2.6

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.2.6.


  • Filter
    • article:json
    • article:rss
    • page:json
    • page:rss
    • json
    • rss
    • sitemap


  • Weapon
    • json_item → replaced by *:json filter
    • json_meta → replaced by *:json filter
    • rss_item → replaced by *:rss filter
    • rss_meta → replaced by *:rss filter


  • Method
    • Guardian::abort() → will also give useful information in the output

Internal Hook Updates

My first plan on the renewal of this CMS was to provide a better support for the category plugin by updating the data carried along with the hooks to be more stable, but then I went too far and changed everything.

Advance Markdown Attribute Parser

I recently updated the custom attributes parser in my Parsedown Extra extension. You can now add more HTML attributes other than ID and classes on every Markdown syntax that can accept custom attributes such as code block, heading, image and link 1 using normal HTML attributes syntax. Consider the following:

This is a [link](/foo.html) {.external target="_blank"}
This is an ![image](/foo.jpg) {width="200" height="400"}

The following are the patterns that are supported:

  • {#foo}<tag id="foo">
  • {#foo#bar}<tag id="bar">
  • {.foo}<tag class="foo">
  • {}<tag class="foo bar">
  • {}<tag id="foo" class="bar baz">
  • {#foo .bar .baz}<tag id="foo" class="bar baz">
  • {foo="bar"}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo="bar baz"}<tag foo="bar baz">
  • {foo='bar'}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo='bar baz'}<tag foo="bar baz">
  • {foo=bar}<tag foo="bar">
  • {foo=}<tag foo="">
  • {foo}<tag foo="foo">
  • {foo=bar baz}<tag foo="bar" baz="baz">

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