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Version 1.2.5

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.2.5.

Unblacklisting the Hard-Coded Page Slug

These hard-coded slugs are now safe to be treated as valid static page slug:


TIP: Create a static page with slug named as archive then put an archive widget in its content with the help of {{php}} shortcode to create a simple archive page located in like this:

Title: Archive Page
Author: Taufik Nurrohman
Content Type: HTML


echo Widget::archive();

Unless you change the original value of the archive page slug, the page page type value will not be changed into page.

Improve Page Type Checking

Prior to version 1.2.5, if you visit a page contains one of the hard-coded page slug I described above (except the article slug) without any trailing segment followed next to it, you will get a 404 page type. But not in this version —at least before the static page route definition 1 → tag → archive → search → manager

Download Mecha v1.2.5

  1. There will be a process to check the page file existence inside the static page route, so you may will get a 404 page type type because of that, if you try to detect the page type in the shield file, not in the plugin launcher. 

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