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Version 1.1.1

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.1.1.

  • Various CSS and languages updates.
  • Fix undefined variable $the_content in version 1.1.0.
  • The getInfo method in Image class now will return the data as array instead of object, following the getInfo method in Package class.
  • Various backend hooks data improvements.
  • Fix inconsistent {{php}} shortcode escaper.
  • Automatically disable the upload button if file extension is not allowed.
  • Do not block robots.txt file.
  • Define private error(s) and session file(s) directory.
  • Fix various bug(s) in Converter::attr() method.
  • Rewrite token and status messages data after defined in Shield::defines(). This will allow users to use both $messages with Notify::read() and $token with Guardian::token() in the shield.
  • Add a query string ?repair after the article/page URL will automatically redirect the user to the article/page editor to edit that article/page.
  • Add more default shortcodes.
  • Tag manager improvements.
  • Fix: Changing the available custom field key turn out to be creating a duplicate custom field with the same title, type, scope and value, but with different key. The old custom field must be removed!
  • Re-populate the default page placeholders in CSS/JS field(s) if custom file does not exist (both custom CSS and JS field are empty).
  • URL slug generator improvements.
  • Allow users to determine Weapon and Filter priority in decimal number.
  • Add priority parameter in Route class. Make it possible to define routes in the desired stack order even if the route declaration defined in the wrong order.
  • Add ability to re-execute the available route(s).
  • Update Font Awesome to 4.2.0.
  • Update pagination markup in Navigator class.
  • Multiple users feature improvements.
  • Allow users to create article/page excerpt manually by adding a <!-- cut --> pattern on the paragraph they want to cut.
  • Fix bug in Filter class which cannot retrieve the filter parameters in sequence greater than 2.
  • Add Widget::tag('DROPDOWN') widget.
  • Allow users to rearrange the parsing order of their shortcodes.
  • Update MTE plugin to 1.1.1.
  • Temporarily disallow images in comment to prevent XSS.
  • Fix asset URL that missing its versioning parameter if the asset path is defined in full URL.
  • Add option to minify the HTML or not in the configuration manager.
  • Add Asset::loaded() method to check whether an asset file is already loaded or not. Useful to prevent duplicate asset(s) loading.
  • Add support for handling cookies in Session class.
  • Use cookies to store the login session last longer.

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