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Version 1.0.4

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.0.4.

  • Various CSS and language fixes and updates.
  • Add parameters on every back-end weapons.
  • Simplify the Filter and the Weapon class.
  • Add Converter::attr() method for extracting data from a HTML tag or custom tag.
  • Build more structured manager UI elements.
  • Use Zepto from CDNJS.
  • Add Date::ago() method.
  • Switch comment notification counter from session-based into file-based.
  • Create some separated post editor element. Make it possible to be replaced by a plugin.
  • Make the File class to be able to set file permission during saving. setPermission() method also added.
  • Make the File class to be able to create directories automatically if not exist.
  • Update MTE to 1.1.0.
  • Add localization for post editor icons.
  • Add DASHBOARD base variable for JavaScript hooks.
  • Change warning message background color from #EC5F2F to #FFDE76 in normal shield.
  • Handle for possible new configuration data in the future.
  • Add ability to set scope (article/page/both) in field manager.
  • Add option field type.
  • Allow users to add custom PHP file with the same name as the article/page slug to use it as a replacement for the original article/page content to address the limitation of the Markdown parser ability.
  • Add ability to set custom fields through the installed shield by creating shield-folder\workers\fields.php file which contains the custom fields data.

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