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Version 1.0.1

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Changelog in Mecha 1.0.1.

  • Fix dropdown menu that missing its background color.
  • Fix some invalid call of non static methods.
  • Fix backslashes in generated public URL.
  • Fix broken PHP serialize() and unserialize() results if users type new line character in the textarea.
  • Do not allow users to leave the slug field to be empty in the configuration form.
  • Fix wrong New tab URL in post editor. Allow user to write / or \ as a directory separator without having to worry about errors.
  • Fix wrong translation for Sunday in id_ID language.
  • Add comment permalink item by default in Get::comment() results. Fix custom widget call which should not return null.
  • Fix various invalid HTML markup.
  • Fix page content that missing its filter (for plugin development, this is very important).
  • Fix RSS error.
  • Fix automatic CSS and JavaScript files remover. Now, your custom art direction files will be created only if it is not empty. This can save your hosting space a bit.
  • Remove native HTML5 input validation in comment manager.
  • Fix HTML minifier which should not remove HTML comments if it is an IE conditional comment.
  • Fix shortcodes in CSS and JavaScript file which should not be parsed in the post editor textarea.
  • Fix misspelling tabSize in editor.js.
  • Remove Get::files() dependency from Get::comments() to make the resulted data more consistent.
  • Allow multiple users to be logged in.
  • Allow $page->image to extract image URL from your custom CSS and JavaScript file.
  • .widget-admin-menu changed into .widget-manager-menu for consistency.

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