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Typography Plugin

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Smart punctuation converter.

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This is an alternative plugin for the built-in typography feature in the default text editor plugin.

This plugin will convert some plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” punctuation HTML entities:

  • Convert straight quotes (' and ") into “curly” quote HTML entities
  • Convert dashes (-- and ---) into ‘en-dash’ and ‘em-dash’ HTML entities
  • Convert three consecutive dots (...) into an ‘ellipsis’ HTML entity.

This plugin will not modify characters within <pre>, <code>, <kbd> or <script> tag block because these tags are commonly used to display text where smart quotes and other “smart punctuation” would not be appropriate, such as source code or example markup.


He said, "Some text with \'escaped quotes\'... Hey, what's your name?"


He said, “Some text with 'escaped quotes'… Hey, what’s your name?”

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