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Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Things I wish to make…

There are so many [plugins][article:plugin] draft raging in my head, and I thought it would be good if I write them here as a reminder, as well as to ease me in obtaining [more advices from others][page:request]. Currently, I have no plans on creating [shields][article:shield] because I think the process of making a shield is a way too general and can be finalized quickly by anyone, so I will leave the job to others who are interested to develop it.

Things I wish to make…

  • AddThis
  • Backend AJAX
  • [Calendar][article:calendar-plugin]
  • [Category][article:thought-about-category]
  • Comment Like/Dislike (Votes)
  • Comment Edit → allow visitors to edit their newly published comment
  • Comment Thread
  • [Custom 404 Page][article:custom-404-plugin]
  • Custom Favicon
  • Custom Shield
  • [Emoji][article:emoji-plugin]
  • [Events][article:event-plugin]
  • Export → export site data from other CMS to be used in Mecha CMS
  • [Gallery][article:gallery-plugin]
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Custom Search
  • Image to Base64
  • [Lightbox][article:gallery-plugin]
  • Like/Dislike (Votes)
  • Local Avatar
  • Login Attempts
  • Maps
  • Members
  • Online Shop
  • Polls
  • Portfolio
  • Quick Edit
  • Quiz
  • Recent Tweets Widget
  • Slider
  • Star Rating
  • Sticky Post
  • Template Engine
  • [Thumbnail][article:thumbnail-plugin]
  • [Twitter Cards][article:twitter-cards-plugin]
  • Under Construction
  • Users
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  1. WolfGeeN


    I don’t know where I can publish it… Hello, could you tell me how to remove or switch off auto-correct of tag in the system? The problem is in Russian keyboard. In Russian alphabet, we have a letter “Э” and letter “X” at special places. Please, look at the picture for understanding:

    Russian Keyboard

    So, when you press letter Э - the autocorrect of tag “ ' ' ” is appearing instead of letter. In addition, when you press Russian letter “X”, you have autocorrect of “[ ]”. It is inconvenient.

    I will be appreciate for any help.

  2. Taufik Nurrohman


    Hi, the automatic slug generator is placed in this file and this file, you can always modify it as you like, or you can just overwrite it by adding this snippet in your functions.php to make your own slug generator:

    function my_russian_slug_generator($input, $join = '-') {
        if( ! is_string($input)) return $input;
        $join_e = preg_quote($join);
        // Replace all non-word character(s) with `$join`
        return preg_replace(
            array('#[^\w' . $join_e . ']#', '#' . $join_e . '+#'),
            array($join, $join),
    // Convert text to slug pattern
    Text::parser('to_slug', 'my_russian_slug_generator');

    Update: Ehm, I just tried it and everything works fine:

    “Foo Э X” translated to → “foo-e-x”
  3. WolfGeeN


    Thanks for your help :)

  4. WolfGeeN


    I’ve tried but nothing works for me. Maybe because It need for text, not for slug.

    Russian Keyboard

    Sorry for my poor English.

  5. Taufik Nurrohman


    Oh, I see then. The problem is not from the slug generator but from the editor plugin. But I don’t know much about the standard key codes for the Russian keyboard, there is nothing you can do at this time. And this may be more cluttered in other languages.

    If it really annoys you, you can uninstall the Text Editor plugin for a while, or you can override it with a [<abbr title="Rich Text Editor">RTE</abbr>][article:rich-text-editor-plugin] plugin.

    Maybe worth reading:

  6. WolfGeeN


    Sad, that nothing can be taken yet. I have tried to use rich text editor editor, but, of course, plugins (drag‘n’drope img & others) and my own custom tags didn’t work.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your help.

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