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Multiple Users

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Is there any multiple users feature on Mecha CMS?

Actually, This feature has been added since the first release, but I don’t want to be too serious into this, considering that Mecha is just a static site generator. A static blog generator. Furthermore, Mecha should only has a single pilot, isn’t it?

I always think about this: If someone decides to look for a static site generator solutions, then it is likely he/she will use it for his/her personal website.

However, I still hold this feature just in case there is a request for this, or if there are people who try to look for it. Although I still don’t understand why you need to use a static site generator with multiple users. Maybe you want to make a blog along with your girlfriend?

Although this feature is still not perfect, but I promise I will finish refining it in version 1.1.1.

To add more users, open your engine\log\users.txt file through the cPanel. There you will see your current username and password. Also with your author name, your author status and your email address:

john: cabbage (John Doe $1)

Add more users to the next line:

john: cabbage (John Doe $1)
jane: carrot (Jane Doe $2)
guest: test123 (Guest User $2)

I recommend you to not label them with $1 or $pilot. It is better to label them with a status as $2 or $passenger because this status has some limited access to your manager pages. This can keep you safe as the co-pilot.

Save it, and make sure the file permission value is still in the 0600 mode. You can change it manually if the result changed, or just do ‘log out’ and then ‘log in’ again to restore the file permission value to the previous state.

Different User Data Format

In version 1.2.x, you can have more options to store the user data:


{"name":"John Doe","email":"","user":"john","pass":"cabbage","status":1}

Serialized Array

a:5:{s:4:"name";s:8:"John Doe";s:5:"email";s:16:"";s:4:"user";s:4:"john";s:4:"pass";s:7:"cabbage";s:6:"status";i:1;}

Pattern 1

john: cabbage (John Doe: 1)

Pattern 2

john: cabbage (John Doe $1)
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