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Lettering Plugin

Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

Create better custom post with this plugin.

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This plugin will split your post title letters into individual parts as HTML elements. Plugin manipulation will be activated optionally via custom field in the post editor, labelled as Break Post Title Text or Pisahkan Huruf-Huruf pada Judul Pos in Indonesian language.

Just like lettering.js, but this works in server side. Very useful for art-directed blog.


Charlie&rsquo;s Bike <em>is</em> Br<span>o</span>ken &hellip; ☹ A B C


HTML markup has been tidied up.

<span aria-label="Charlie&rsquo;s Bike is Broken &hellip; ☹ A B C">
  <span aria-hidden="true" class="word-group">
    <span class="word-1 char-group">
      <span class="char-1">C</span>
      <span class="char-2">h</span>
      <span class="char-3">a</span>
      <span class="char-4">r</span>
      <span class="char-5">l</span>
      <span class="char-6">i</span>
      <span class="char-7">e</span>
      <span class="char-8">&rsquo;</span>
      <span class="char-9">s</span>
    <span class="word-2 char-group">
      <span class="char-10">B</span>
      <span class="char-11">i</span>
      <span class="char-12">k</span>
      <span class="char-13">e</span>
    <span class="word-3 char-group">
        <span class="char-14">i</span>
        <span class="char-15">s</span>
    <span class="word-4 char-group">
      <span class="char-16">B</span>
      <span class="char-17">r</span>
        <span class="char-18">o</span>
      <span class="char-19">k</span>
      <span class="char-20">e</span>
      <span class="char-21">n</span>
    <span class="word-5 char-group">
      <span class="char-22">&hellip;</span>
    <span class="word-6 char-group">
      <span class="char-23">☹</span>
    <span class="word-7 char-group">
      <span class="char-24">A</span>
    <span class="word-8 char-group">
      <span class="char-25">B</span>
    <span class="word-9 char-group">
      <span class="char-26">C</span>

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