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Updated: Sunday, 07 August 2016

The available constants.

DSReturn the directory separator.\ or /
MECHA_VERSIONReturn the Mecha version.1.2.8
ROOTReturn the private root path..\www
CARGOReturn the private cargo path..\www\lot
ENGINEReturn the private engine path..\www\engine
LOGReturn the private log path..\www\engine\log
SESSIONReturn the private custom session_save_path path..\www\session or null
LANGUAGEReturn the private language path..\www\lot\languages
ASSETReturn the private assets path..\www\lot\assets
POSTReturn the private posts path..\www\lot\posts
RESPONSEReturn the private responses path..\www\lot\responses
EXTENDReturn the private extends path..\www\lot\extends
STATEReturn the private states path..\www\lot\states
PLUGINReturn the private plugins path..\www\lot\plugins
SHIELDReturn the private shields path..\www\lot\shields
CACHEReturn the private caches path..\www\lot\scraps
WORKERReturn the private workers path..\www\lot\workers
ARTICLEReturn the private article folder path..\www\lot\posts\article
PAGEReturn the private pages path..\www\lot\posts\page
COMMENTReturn the private comments path..\www\lot\responses\comment
CHUNKReturn the private chunks path..\www\lot\extends\chunk
CUSTOMReturn the private custom CSS and JS path..\www\lot\extends\custom
SUBSTANCEReturn the private attachment files path..\www\lot\extends\substance
SEPARATORReturn the page separator.====
SReturn the page header separator.:
ESReturn the self-closing HTML tag closer.> or />
TABReturn the standard indentation character(s).
NLReturn the standard new line character.\n or \r or \r\n
O_BEGINReturn the start character of HTML output.\t\n
O_ENDReturn the end character of HTML output.\n
XReturn the placeholder character to hold important string.\x1A
CSS_LIBRARY_PATHReturn the CSS library
ICON_LIBRARY_PATHReturn the icon fonts library
JS_LIBRARY_PATHReturn the JavaScript library path.sword/zepto.min.js
FONT_EXTReturns the list of font file extensions.ttf,otf,woff
IMAGE_EXTReturn the list of image file extensions.bmp,gif,jpg,jpeg,png
MEDIA_EXTReturn the list of media file extensions.avi,mp3,mp4,swf
PACKAGE_EXTReturn the list of package file extensions.gz,rar,tar,zip,zipx
SCRIPT_EXTReturn the list of text file extensions.css,html,js,php
DEBUGReturn the curent site debug status.true
MAX_ERROR_FILE_SIZEReturn the maximum allowed error log file size.1048576
WISE_CELL_IReturn list of safe inline HTML elements.<b><i><span><u>
WISE_CELL_BReturn list of safe block HTML elements.<blockquote><div><p><pre>
WISE_CELLReturn list of safe inline and block HTML elements.<b><i><span><u><blockquote><div><p><pre>
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